GEEK PICK: Binary Geek Knit Scarf

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It’s a little blurrier these days as geek culture stuff becomes more and more intertwined with the mainstream, but in theory being a geek (or specifically a nerd) is also about being smart. That’s why technology and nerdiness go so well together. You have to be smart to put machines together. You have to be smart to know complicated math. But you also have to be smart to be fluent in multiple languages, even if we don’t immediately associate bilingualism with nerds the way we associate geeks with massive corporate #brands.

So celebrate your tech nerdiness, as well as you’re ability to speak something other than boring old English, with this Binary Geek Knit Scarf ($25) from ThinkGeek.

This scarf is basic but straightforward, black and white, just like the binary language on it. At 8 inches wide and 74-inches long (before the end tassels) it easily wraps around your neck enough times to provide a thick bundle of warmth. And it’s made out of a soft comfortable acrylic material.

Of course the scarf’s main visual flair is the binary writing laid out all across it. Binary is a language for expressing words and concept with only two symbols: zero and one. It’s perfect for the base mechanical brains of computers, at first unable to understand human nuance like something being not good or bad but just “meh.” Binary is totally something worth learning as a budding programming enthusiast. But we’ll spoil the scarf for you and tell you the zeroes and ones just say the word “GEEK” over and over again. Seems appropriate.

This winter, if you want to look like someone whose grandma can build an operating system from scratch, wrap yourself up in the Binary Geek Knit Scarf from ThinkGeek.

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83 shares, 53 points
Jordan Minor


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